Manuscript Submission

Research Fields

We are looking forward to your manuscripts submission for original research and technical papers and short reports in the following research fields.

  • Weather/Global environment : Solar radiation, Weather, Urban environment, and others
  • Solar Thermal : Solar concentrator, Thermal collector, Thermal power generation, Thermal energy storage, Thermochemistry, and others
  • Photovoltaic Power Generation : Cell, Module, System, Application, and others
  • Fluid energy : Wind power, Hydro power, Wave power, Tidal power, and others
  • Architecture : ZEB, ZEH, Energy-saving, Energy creation Building, Daylighting, Cross-Ventilation, Natural ventilation, Environmental symbiotic, Pleasantness, and others
  • Material, Element : Desiccant, Moisture control, Insulation, solar radiation shielding, etc., Heat exchange, Thermoelectric conversion element, and others
  • Photochemistry : Photochemical power generation, Artificial photosynthesis, Photocatalyst, Environmental purification, and others
  • Electrochemistry : Rechargeable batteries, Energy materials, Storage, Fuel cells, and others
  • Biomass : Agriculture, forestry, fishery and energy production, Material and energy utilization, Environment and waste treatment, and others
  • Energy systems : Interconnection and operation of electric power systems, Market design and institutional design, Smart energy, and others
  • Transportation : Next-Generation vehicles and railroads, Naval architects and aircraft (fluid resistance), Energy supply facilitie, and others
  • Education, Policy, Society : Education, Safety, Policy, Sustainability, Social Acceptance, and others

How to submit manuscript

Before you submit your manuscript, please read the following Contribution Guide and Copyright Guide and prepare your manuscript using the Writing Guide and Format for Manuscript. Please fill in the  Contribution Form and submit your manuscript with the form by mail or e-mail to  the following JSES secretariat.

Japan Solar Energy Society
Yoyogi 2-44-14, Shibuya, Tokyo, 151-0053, Japan

Contribution Guide

Copyright Guide

Contribution Form

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Writing Guide and Format for Manuscript

Writing Guide and Format for Manuscript(word file)