Vol.49 No.2 (Serial No.274) 2023

  • Prefatory note : Who is nipping innovation in the bud? / Yoh YASUDA
  • Featured article : Frontiers of Materials Research for Fuel Cells
    • Purpose of this feature / Hidenobu SHIROISHI
    • Material research in fuel cell technology – history and perspectives / Tatsuhiro OKADA
    • Development of Pt-based catalysts for polymer electrolyte fuel cell electric vehicles / Hideo DAIMON, Minoru INABA
    • Future prospective of the catalytic support particles for polymer electrolyte fuel cells / Katsuyoshi KAKINUMA
    • Progress and Future Challenges in Non-Platinum Electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction / Masaru KATO, Ichizo YAGI
    • Aromatic Polymer-Based Proton Conductive Membranes for Fuel Cells / Kenji MIYATAKE
  • Research paper
    • Affects of Catalyst-Ink Dispersion and the Solvent on Electrodes in Hydrogen Fuel Cells / 
      Maito TANABE, Yuuki KOSHINO, Ryuki TSUJI, Hisaaki GYOTEN, Seigo ITO
    • A Proposal for Equivalent Circuit Between PV Module/String and the Ground / Kazuhiko KATO
    • Study on the system performance and exergy evaluation of a solar thermal utilization system of over 30 years using in a shelter gymnasium / SungKi SONG, Koichi ISAWA
    • Automatic Failure Diagnosis of PV Array by Neural Network Using String I-V Curve and
      Differential Data from Reference / Yoshiki TAKAHASHI, Yuzuru UEDA
  • Commentary
    • Redox Mediator Coated Air-Electrodes for Lithium-Air Batteries / Akihiro NOMURA, Morihiro SAITO
  • Introduction of a Laboratory
    • Laboratory of Urban and Built Environmental Design, School of Design, Sapporo City University
    • Yoshinaga Lab., Meijo University – Towards Carbon Neutrality in Buildings and Systems –
  • Technical introduction of corporate members
  • Monologue from Board Members
    • Opening of “Monologue from Board Members” / Kazuhiko KATO
  • News from JSES Committee
    • Conference Calendar, Library, JSES Report
    • JSES Announcement