About Photochemistry and Biomass Section

Photochemistry and Biomass section of Japan Solar Energy Society (JSES) is focusing on chemical and biological phenomena provoked on the earth by the solar radiation among the basic and applied scientific activities on solar energy utilization. Although it lacks strong specialty comparing to the other sections of JSES such as Photovoltaic and Solar heat sections and so on, we believe unprecedented boundary scientific research fields are very important toward the future low carbon society so we are confident that Photochemistry and Biomass section of JSES will be much more important.

Our scientific subjects are mainly the following three scientific research fields that could contribute to the prevention of the earth worming by using the gifts of the sun.

  1. Photochemical reaction applying sciences such as artificial photosynthesis, photo-catalysts and non-silicon photovoltaic cells including photosensitizing, organic thin film and perovskite photovoltaic cells.
  2. Electrochemical reaction applying sciences such as secondary battery, fuel cell, and production of energy molecules that store the electricity generated from solar radiation.
  3. Solar energy applying technologies for biomass and agricultural products production, technologies for cultivation of fuel crops and microbes, biomass utilization as fuel and materials as alternative materials that consume fossil energy in their production.     

We welcome your concern and joining to Photochemistry and Biomass section of JSES.

Organization of Photochemistry and Biomass section

Please substitute “@” for “*” in e-mail address.

KUBO, Hiroshi  PhD/Professor, Organizer

Department of Project Management, Faculty of Social Systems Science

Department of Management and System Engineering, Graduate School of Social Systems Science

Chiba Institute of Technology

Email  : hiroshi.kubo*kubo-labo.com

SUZUKI, Takahiro/Organizer、JSES director 

Department of Biotechnological Science

Facultry of Biology-Oriented Science and Technology

Kindai University

E-mail: tksuzuki*waka.kindai.ac.jp

SHIROISHI, Hidenobu Dr. Sci/Organizer 

National Institute of Technology, Tokyo College

E-mail: h-shiroishi*tokyo-ct.ac.jp

TAJIMA, Yusuke /Organizer、JSES director


E-mail: tajima*riken.jp

HANAWA, Fujinori PhD/Head (2014.05 –),  JSES director 

Department of Forest Resource Chemistry

Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute

Forest research and management organization

E-mail: fujinori*ffpri.affrc.go.jp

HORIBATA, Akira/Organizer、JSES director 

Department of Biotechnological Science,

Faculty of Biology-Oriented Science and Technology,

Kindai University

E-mail: horibata*waka.kindai.ac.jp

MATSUBARA, Hironao Dr. Eng. / Organizer  

Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies (ISEP)

Board Member, Chief Researcher

E-mail: matsubara_hironao*isep.or.jp

YOSHIDA, Yoshikuni/Organizer

Department of Technology Management for Inovation, Faculty of Engineering, The University of Tokyo


WATANABE, Yasuyuki / Vice head (2016.12 –)

Suwa University of Science

E-mail: watanbey*rs.tus.ac.jp