Vol.46 No.6 (Serial No.260) 2020

  • Prefatory note : Discretion and Vision in the Post-COVID-19 / Masato SASAKI, Senior Director, Environmental & MEP Engineering (MEP=Mechanical, electrical and plumbing),
    Nihon sekkei, Inc
  • Featured article : Current status and future prospects of hydrogen energy supply chains
    • Purpose of this feature /Hiromi YAMAMOTO, Energy Innovation Center, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
    • Perspectives for Carbon-neutral Methane as a Green Hydrogen Carrier / Yoshiaki SHIBATA, Manager, New and Renewable Energy Group, The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan
    • Comparison of the feasibility of various hydrogen carriers transported from overseas for massive quantity and long distances / Katsuhito TAKEI, Associate Vice President, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Materials Science Research Laboratory
    • Cost Analysis of Hydrogen Produced by Power to Gas in Abroad and in Japan / Mina NISHI, Project Researcher, Energy Technology Research Laboratory, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
    • Introduction of NEDO-Nagaoka CCU Project for effective carbon recycling of CO2 to produce methane / Tatsuki WAKAYAMA, Renewable Energy & Power Business Division, INPEX Corporation
    • Prospects for low-cost manufacturing of fuel cells and water electrolyzers / Takuya HASEGAWA, Lecturer, Hosei Business School of Innovation Management
    • Current status and prospects related to Hydrogen Refueling Station and hydrogen infrastructure development / Shinichi MIURA, Hydrogen energy section Dupty General Manager, Kobe Steel, Ltd.
    • Hydrogen energy trends in Japan and overseas / Hideyuki TAKAGI, Team Leader, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
  • Technical paper
    • Study on Natural Energy Usage and Energy Independence in Wooden Detached House (Part1) Evaluation of Outside Air Load Reduction for Roof Thermal Collection and Earth Tube Based on Yearly Measurements / Toyohiro NISHIKAWA, Prof., School of Architecture, Kogakuin Univ., Dr.Eng. Masanori MOCHIDA, MOCHIDA Building Engineering, Hiroo MARUYA, President of Arts and Architecture, Toshiaki KOIZUMI, Graduate Student, Kogakuin University
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