Vol.45 No.6 (Serial No.254) 2019

  • Prefatory note:Global warming prevention from daily life / Takahito NATSUME
  • Featured article Ⅰ :Special issue on Agrophotovoltaics(APV) “Solar Sharing”
    • Purport of this feature / Hironao MATSUBARA
    • The system and the support for Farming-photovoltaics / Ayako KIKUCHI
    • The latest trends and future outlook of Agrivoltaics( Farming PV)/ TAKESHI MAGAMI
    • Issues and Policies on Solar Sharing - From the questionnaire result for the agriculture committee - / Hidefumi KURASAKA
    • Agrivoltaic potential of abandoned farmlands / Yoichi SHIMAZAKI
    • Electrical-Safety Issues of Photovoltaic Power Generation Systems Operated over Farms / Kazuhiko KATO
    • Semitransparent Organic Photovoltaics for agriculture and solar power generation / Yasuyuki WATANABE
    • Domestic and overseas solar sharing circumstances and future prospect / Seiichi YAMAMOTO and Makoto TAJIMA
  • Featured article Ⅱ:For activities towards renewable energy-based society - Lectures at the institution of 100% Renewable Energy Division -
    • The institution of 100% Renewable Energy Division / Atsushi AKISAWA
    • Activities of a German local city towards the achievement of 100% renewable energy by 2050 - A report of a visit to Essen – / Kosuke ITO
    • Energy Perspective to 2050 – An Analytical Example in Japan Society of Energy and Resources – / Atsushi KUROSAWA
  • Research paper
    • Study on Simplified Estimate of Thermophysical Properties in Shallow Ground
      Evaluation of Thermal Diffusivities of Ground by Periodic Heating Method using
      Solar Energy as Heat Source / Saburo TANAKA, Sho FUKUTOMI, Hideki YAMADA, 
      Kosuke ITO, and Naoe SASAKI
  • Technical introduction of member
    • An Experiment on Improving Underfloor Heat Storage Layer of Solar Houses / Seiichi MAEDA
  • 2019 JSES Annual Conference
    • Report of 2019JSES Annual Conference / Roh Hyunwoo and Kenji ITAKA
  • An Event Report
    • Report of PV Summer Camp 2019 / Kazuhiko KATO
  • News from JSES Committee
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